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Emily works as an Assistant District Attorney in Rome. Her dance experience includes a ballet recital when she was three and swing dancing with her husband. She likes all types of music and dance, but says if she had to choose she would pick oldies. Through her work, Emily is able to see how the services from the SACNWGA positively impact survivors of sexual abuse. She is participating this year because she wishes to support their efforts. She hopes to meet new people, learn some cool dance moves, and, most of all, raise a lot of money for the SACNWGA through her participation. He favorite quote reads, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”. – Unknown



Bryan is an attorney with Cox, Byington, Twyman, and Johnson. Formerly a litigator and criminal defense attorney, he now practices real estate law. Bryan does not have a favorite dance style, but thinks swing would be the most fun to do. His dance experience consists of dancing in his kitchen alone while washing dishes. He is participating in RCDC this year with his wife, Emily, to spend more time with her and to polish his dance moves. He hopes to help raise money for the SACNWGA to provide services for victims as well as do something fun with Emily. His favorite quote is, “Hope is a passion for the possible.” – Søren Kierkegaar

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